B2B Marketing in Modern Times


B2B Marketing in Modern Times

Nowadays, we are used to seeing Marketing as an area based on metrics and results. Directly linked to the commercial area, it is no longer a cool department, focused only on assembling cute pieces, to be the company’s biggest source of lead generation, even earning from the sales area itself. But how did this change come about?

A very interesting phrase I’ve heard is from the team of Sky Marketing: to understand the present, and even the future, you have to look to the past. And this case is no exception! Before explaining how modern B2B Marketing works, I’m going to talk about how it was worked in the past, and why it wasn’t accessible to most companies.

At the time of my parents the internet was far from being discovered in the US, imagine then in Brazil. The most popular form of communication in the country was radio. Even TV was starting to spread across the country.

It’s easy to imagine B2C marketing when we talk about mass media. But tell me, have you ever seen any Braskem commercials on TV? Or from CSN? This happens because, in the few times that this type of company seeks these forms of communication, it is to link some institutional advertising or position its brand in the market.

These campaigns hardly generate financial return for the companies that carry them out. But since there weren’t many ways to become known and sell at the time, this was the only way to talk to multiple potential customers at the same time.

The other form that existed was the old Outbound. In it, salespeople contacted several companies, via cold call, and tried to sell their solutions, through planned speeches, where they explained the advantages of buying a particular product.

Of course, this process lacked a lot. In addition to not being segmented, it was very common for people to apply scams via telephone at the time – who has never seen The Wolf of Wall Street? – Therefore, buyers were extremely afraid to release too much information to sales teams.

Can you imagine how difficult it was to make a sale at that time?! Well, if the few ways to get in touch with the target audience were not enough, it was still necessary to face extremely suspicious buyers.

Performing quality B2B marketing, in the past, was not an easy task. Not to mention that the professional who works with B2C marketing was much more valued, as his mission was somewhat easier.

It was enough to link quality advertisements in common media to see an increase in sales.

B2B Marketing: How It Evolved

We already talked at the beginning of the text about the difficulty of doing business-oriented marketing (this is B2B. You thought I wouldn’t explain it, right?). But as always, the internet and progress have emerged to make life easier for marketers.

With the emergence of content marketing and marketing automation tools, the possibility of closing big deals, at a lower cost, revolutionized the way in which the marketing area came to be seen within companies.

Now, marketing was able to work based on indicators and goals. In this way, it became more valued internally.

Let’s now explain the two essential points to carry out a quality B2B Marketing and also adopted by the marketing team of Capital Smart City. They are:

  • Content Marketing;
  • Marketing automation.

Content marketing

The importance of content when it comes to lead generation is amazing. Today, even the most skeptical companies use content marketing in their growth strategies.

I confess that, right from the outset of this strategy, I was quite skeptical of the success it generated. But of course, I fell into the same mistake as most people.

Content Marketing does not generate short-term results. It is necessary to wait for the SEO consolidation time, lead nutrition cycle, among other factors, to be able to reap the first results.

But once all these variables are consolidated, the result is quite robust. Just stop to think about the following point: there are companies today that survive only with the Inbound Marketing strategy.

Yes, companies like Rock Content and Resultados Digitais only prospect passively and, even so, they are growing at an average well above the market, even in times of crisis.

Now the question is: how is it possible for something so trivial to generate such results? The answer to this question is simple: qualification.

While a salesperson has limited time to qualify a lead, the content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like you have an SDR that isn’t limited by CLT or even sleep.

In addition, the content acts on demand. Therefore, the lead will only use it when it is of interest to them. It does not act in an interruptive way, as the outbound process.

Have you now seen the advantages of Content Marketing and its role in modern B2B Marketing? If not, I’ll make a brief summary below:

  • Acting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • It does not act in an interruptive way;
  • Remove all doubts from the lead;
  • It already qualifies you for the sales team in advance.

Basically, you have an SDR on your team that doesn’t require you to pay taxes or labor charges.

Marketing automation

sales automation

Content alone cannot do all the work. You need to make the lead consume it in a logical order, according to your marketing funnel.

It is not ideal for the lead to start consuming from a funnel base content. Ideally, it goes through the correct order of the funnel. Only then is it possible for him to acquire enough maturity to become a potential customer.

But have you ever imagined what it would be like to carry out this job in hand? Pretty complicated, isn’t it?! This is where automation tools help modern B2B marketing.

By creating the ideal nutrition flow for the leads within the tool, they are constantly qualified, without the need for your team to carry out constant follow-ups. You saw how interesting it is to use this type of solution.

Having an automation tool in B2B marketing is basically having an SDR that is not limited by the CLT. It’s your marketing robot. Nice, isn’t it?!

What is the big secret of modern B2B Marketing?

The key is not to be invasive. Educating the customer passively and progressively, when the sale is not a product with a very high average ticket, usually generates excellent results.

Instead of hiring a giant sales team, or even outsourcing active prospecting, it is good to analyze if the solution your company sells is not better suited to Inbound Marketing.

The characteristics that enable the implementation of Inbound are:

  • Low or medium ticket;
  • Low LTV;
  • Low and medium CAC.

Of course, this rule is not fixed. There are companies with a higher average ticket that also use Inbound Marketing, but this depends a lot on the type of sale that is made.

In a High Touch sale, where a lot of contacts is needed to convert a lead to a sale, this strategy usually doesn’t have much effect. In Low Touch sales, those where very few contacts are needed, Inbound generates good results, even at a higher sale price.

But now, where is Outbound Marketing in this story?

Modern B2B Outbound Marketing

We talk a lot in the text about the importance of Inbound in modern marketing prospecting strategies. But where does the famous active prospecting fit into this story?

As we are tired of talking here on the blog, unfortunately, many companies see these strategies as antagonistic. And this is very wrong. The two can easily coexist.

Outbound can easily utilize inbound content in their follow up strategy. Adding some relevant content to the contact makes it much easier to convert leads, who are not only being nurtured by the sales team but will also be constantly absorbing learning content.

Another point to be considered is, inactive prospecting, the prospecting team performs the same role as landing pages, blogs and websites. If you stop for a while and pay attention to the sites that attract the most traffic today, such as Rock Content and Resultados Digitais, you will notice that they work the information in a very cohesive way.

None of them are loaded with long texts. This is how the prospecting team must go to the market. The speech should be short and based on benefits, aiming to convert the lead as quickly as possible, without occupying too much of his schedule.

Did you see that even when the strategies don’t complement each other, they can help each other?! Inspired by a successful process is the way 3G group companies have found to reduce costs.

I know that many people think that Jorge Paulo Lemann’s companies cut costs by cutting. But those who work with management know that this is not how they work.

Similar to the example I showed, the Outbound team is inspired by the cohesive way that the most successful sites in attracting traffic communicate to prospect, what the 3G fund does, when it arrives at a company, is to check which is the internal area which presents the best results – analyzing the cost-benefit ratio – and copy this model to the entire company.

This is the biggest differential of the successful manager: knowing how to analyze the best cases and emulate them in their respective area.

Learn with me.

After all, what is the biggest advantage of modern B2B Marketing?

We can say that today, the biggest advantage of Marketing compared to the past is that any company can implement it.

Just produce content, hire a marketing automation tool and start structuring your department. And there is no need to hire a senior employee in the market.

As the strategy is very recent, it is difficult to find a professional who has a lot of experience in the area. It is even common to find students who have more knowledge about the new process than trained advertisers.

With this, the operating cost is reduced, and the results are maximized, compared to what was done before. We can say that B2B Marketing has been universalized.

Any SME can implement this new process, just be willing and study a little about the topic. It guarantees that it will generate more return than your old strategies and processes.

Failure lives next door

Even with all its success stories, with companies like Rock Content and Resultados Digitais growing more than 100% a year, it is still common to find resistance in the market in relation to modern marketing.

The fact is that this crisis, despite having been generated by the government, has been working as a filter in the market. While companies that are structured well still manage to grow, those that have stopped in time need to lay off, and in the worst cases, even declare bankruptcy.

In times of lean, it is necessary to generate a lot of value for the market, otherwise selling becomes impossible. Therefore, the better you’re commercial and marketing process, the easier your life will be, as the market will see its benefits more easily and will be more willing to listen to you. Do you agree with me?

And how are your marketing and sales strategies going today? I know it’s hard to admit it, but restructuring your process can be the difference between success and failure. Giving up the right for the doubtful can make your days more difficult.

If you need assistance in putting together a winning strategy, please contact our consulting team. We will definitely be able to help your company with the challenges that have arisen.


Nowadays, we are used to seeing Marketing as an area based on metrics and results. Directly linked to the commercial area, it is no longer a cool department, focused only on assembling cute pieces, to be the company’s biggest source of lead generation, even earning from the sales area itself. But how did this change come about? A…