Digital Marketing Campaign for Father’s Day: Examples of Landing Pages, Email Marketing and ecommerce

Father's Day

Digital Marketing Campaign for Father’s Day: Examples of Landing Pages, Email Marketing and ecommerce

Blue World City have selected some practical ideas from strategies carried out by our customers that can serve as inspiration for your business

Is August already approaching and you couldn’t think of the Father’s Day campaign? So this post is for you. The last few months have indeed been very difficult for all of us. It is even natural that your company has not yet managed to start its actions for Father’s Day. But calm down, we’ll help you.

It’s common for some people to leave to buy Father’s Day gifts—or any other holiday date—at the last minute. Others still haven’t decided what to buy. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions, it ended up imposing, this becomes even more representative.

Therefore, know that there is still time to start a Father’s Day campaign and carry out actions that can be done in a practical and fast way. We select practical ideas from strategies carried out by our customers that can serve as inspiration, bringing faster results for your business.

We also bring some specific ideas for Email Marketing and e-commerce. Sales by digital means, in fact, should continue to grow a lot, as people are more and more used to shopping online. Keep reading the post to make a great Father’s Day campaign, which in 2021 falls on August 8th!

8 Examples of Digital Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day

We selected some practical ideas from strategies carried out by companies that are or have been RD customers and that can serve as inspiration for your business. Follow the examples, illustrated with images from the respective Father’s Day campaign.

1. Create a practical promotion to promote your products

In order to publicize its product mix, our client Bioscience Cosméticos has created a promotion in which a Father’s Day kit will be raffled among the participants who convert to the Landing Page created

2. Promote your material to save time capturing Leads

To save time, boosting materials on social media is a great option. Bioscience published the Landing Page on Facebook and invested in Facebook Ads.

3. Create benefits for those who participated in the action

Take advantage of captured Leads and offer them a benefit. After all, they are already relating to your brand and have high expectations.

The idea of ​​offering a special discount for the purchase of products on Bioscience’s e-commerce even for those who were not lucky enough to win the kit is a way to create empathy with the public and also increase sales.

4. Make the decision easier by suggesting products at different prices

The eCommerce Pelas Barbas created a targeted Email Marketing for customers, with a special selection of products for the beard, which offers a 20% discount on purchases on Father’s Day.

5. Create a quick quiz to grow your base and generate engagement

What style of beer best suits your father? This was the theme of the quiz created by The Public House, of online beers.

Aiming to increase the customer base and generate engagement, the brand created the quiz, published it on social media and sponsored the content to reach more people.

Leads captured by the action received a discount coupon for purchases on the website.

6. Create a culture contest with simple mechanics

Right now you need focus. Leave aside contests that involve many actions such as liking, tagging a friend, sharing, creating stories, etc.

Here it will be necessary to speed up and reduce barriers. Make a simple mechanic, that with just one or two actions the person is already participating.

The National Cachaçaria created a cultural contest for its customers with a simple mechanics of participation: you answer the email with a picture and is participating.

7. Customize your website for the Father’s Day campaign, offer free gifts and discounts with a deadline

Dress your website with images and texts that refer to the Father’s Day campaign and have to do with your brand. Otherwise, your website may look outdated.

Select best-selling products for this audience and highlight them to make the buying decision easier. That’s because people like to know what the most popular products are and what they like the most.

Two other tips to boost sales in ecommerce were used by Aubra Joias: offer gifts and set special discounts for certain periods. This creates a sense of urgency when purchasing to gain these benefits.

8 – Rewarm your contacts with exclusive actions

That’s what Espoleta Buffet decided to do! He took advantage of the date to warm up the Leads of his contact base, reinforcing the brand and stimulating negotiations.

Through an email campaign, the company sent a message to parents (and made it clear that the mothers would also like it).

In the email, a special offer was made: whoever hired the company to hold their party until a certain date would get a case of beer.

The email didn’t deliver right away what the gift was, which caused 22% of people who opened the email to click on the link to find out.

6 Good Email Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Father’s Day Campaign

Above, you’ve already seen some examples of Email Marketing integrated into the Father’s Day campaign. Below, we separate 6 more examples of companies that made great use of this type of communication to impact consumers. Check out the strategies they used:

1. Product selection

Making a product selection is a good way to help undecided customers and can also be a way to encourage cross-selling if you combine different products.

Lohn Bier’s idea, for example, was to combine beers and their ideal glasses in an email aimed at beer parents.

2. Attractive subject

To get Leads to open your message, one idea is to bet on the attractive subject. This, by the way, is an item that is worth working on in your Father’s Day Email marketing campaign, as it is the first contact that the person will have with your offer. The tip is to include numbers (written with numbers, never in full) to draw attention.

The Tok & Stok, for example, soon brought the title the minimum value of the gifts that the special collection of Father’s Day contains – “from R $ 8.90.” This is a good tactic, after all, who doesn’t like a good, cheap gift? In the body of the email, the tips are separated by theme — coffees, beer, wine — and are endorsed by experts, which lends credibility and reinforces what we said above about product selection.

3. Search suggestions

In addition to product suggestions, another idea is to bring categories for the Lead to do the research on their own.

The strategy is usually used on commemorative dates by Bing and Buscapé, which makes sense for search engines, but it can also be adopted by ecommerce’s that have many products available.

4. Customization

In addition to the selection of products, the differential brought by Reserve in its Father’s Day Email marketing campaign was the possibility of customizing products with a phrase.

T-shirt combos, which combine adult and children’s versions, also encourage cross-selling.

5. Discount coupon

How about selecting a group of products for the Father’s Day campaign and offering a discount coupon that can be applied to them for your base? The Liverpool t-shirt brand used this strategy, in addition to linking to content with tips for gifts for the date.

6. Minimalist email

Eliminating unnecessary elements can be a way to help Leads focus on offers. This email from Apple follows the motto “less is more” that accompanies the brand identity, with good quality photos that highlight the characteristics of the products offered.

10 Digital Marketing actions for your ecommerce Father’s Day campaign

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, there are many important dates for Brazilian ecommerce that deserve Digital Marketing campaigns. Although profit grows annually for all these dates, Father’s Day is no longer a secondary billing date for online sales. In 2020, for example, the leap was significant!

According to data from the company Ebit , which conducts research on e-commerce habits and trends in Brazil, in 2020 ecommerce sales at the time of Father’s Day were R$ 3.5 billion — 45% more compared to the previous year. And the average ticket was R$ 434, with a growth of 3% compared to 2018.

More people are buying online in recent years! This also means a greater effort by brands to gain consumer attention and preference on the web. And, in this scenario, Digital Marketing helps to create identification, solve problems and elaborate personalized benefits for the public.

1. Blog: 10 gift tips for Father’s Day

Choosing a gift is the first challenge of the date. According to data from Google Trends, the search for “Father’s Day present” peaks between the last week of July and the first week of August.

Make a selection with your best selling products in the same period last year, talk about their benefits and differentials and use good real images of the product.

2. Blog: Ideas to honor your father on Father’s Day

In Google searches, we see a growth volume for “creative gift” and for “DIY” (do it yourself) related to gifts.

Take advantage of the trend and create emotional engagement with the reader by giving tips that can include your product, but that are an unforgettable experience for parents and children.

If you sell wine, for example, it could be an invitation to a family picnic on Father’s Day.

3. Blog: The best gifts of up to R$100 for your father

Your customer may not yet know what they are going to buy, but they usually already know the budget available for the gift.

Creating suggestion lists by price range can be very interesting for this audience.

4. Download Guide: The Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Driven by the theme of Father’s Day, you can create material that is, in addition to being relevant to your audience, more complete.

Make a Landing Page to capture data from potential customers and make your rich content available on it. It is even possible to suggest discounts for those who download it. This is a great way to generate Leads.

5. Quiz: Which gift is your dad’s style?

The quiz is a more relaxed option to increase your base, generate engagement with the public and, to top it off, recommend products from your store.

You can use lighter language and in the result suggest products from your brand or store that have more to do with a specific parent profile.

6. Promotional Landing Page: Share your best memory with your father and compete for a product kit

Sales promotions are super frequent on these dates and are mainly for creating or increasing email lists.

An easy idea to carry out is to create a Landing Page to carry out a cultural contest and publicize it on social networks. Even better if you can invest in FacebookInstagram and Google Ads to reach more people.

7. Product Selection Email: Want a selection of great products to give away on Father’s Day?

To warm up customers who are already at your base and already know your brand, we returned to the idea of ​​assisting in the purchase decision, creating a special selection of products for that date.

Select the best products and don’t forget to offer discounts or free shipping on the Father’s Day campaign.

8. Email offer 2 in 1: Father’s Day — special discounts for you and your dad

Not all companies have the complete profile of their customers to know who are or are not parents. So, how to take advantage of the date to extend a discount benefit with this theme?

A two-in-one offer can increase your purchase ticket, using the “win discount and enjoy a single delivery for you and your father” trigger.

9. Targeted email for parents: You, who are a parent, deserve a special discount

If you know which of your customer’s parents are, you can create a special offer as a way to celebrate the date.

In this case, you attack the public who would not necessarily consume, but who might buy encouraged by the offer.

10. Promotional email: For parents and children – exclusive discount for parents who are also valid for Children’s Day

According to Google Trends, the first searches for “Father’s Day gift” starting around Mother’s Day. So why not seize the date and bond with the buyback?

If your product mix allows, for example, to buy a Children’s Day or Christmas gift in your store, one idea is to create an exclusive discount for this next purchase.

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Blue World City have selected some practical ideas from strategies carried out by our customers that can serve as inspiration for your business Is August already approaching and you couldn’t think of the Father’s Day campaign? So this post is for you. The last few months have indeed been very difficult for all of us. It is even…