How Conquer acquired more than 500,000 new students in the midst of the pandemic


How Conquer acquired more than 500,000 new students in the midst of the pandemic

A company in the Education sector is on the list of the 100 most remembered brands by Brazilians in the Covid-19 pandemic, released by Exame

Recently, Resultados Digitais launched a study carried out in partnership with Endeavor Brasil and Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios. Entitled “Panorama SMEs: the impacts of Covid-19 and steps towards recovery”, the compilation brings together very rich information collected to understand in depth the drastic change in the global economy and in the business environment.

Among the data shown in the material, however, one overview caught my attention: 77% of the companies interviewed in the study had a negative impact on their revenue. On the other hand, 22.3% of companies highlighted in the Panorama PMEs study that they had no negative impact on revenue and, within this group, 13.5% of respondents even had some type of positive impact.

Positive impact? That stuck in my head. Who are these 13.5%? In addition to niches and segments, do I know any of these winning companies? How do they maintain themselves, what strategies do they adopt? Well, a few days ago I resolved these doubts. That’s when I learned the story of Conquer, a company that now calls itself the “business school of the new economy”. It is a bold title, but very true, deserved and, in other words, one that was won in the sweat.

Like? You can see in the next lines everything about how Conquer managed to achieve great results and grow with Digital Marketing in the midst of the pandemic. Check out!

Understanding the context of pre-pandemic Conquer

Conquer was founded in 2016 and has since focused on education, certifications and specific skills that colleges and graduate degrees sometimes fail to provide. Here we can mention courses on Innovation, Technology, Digital Marketing and Soft Skills, in addition to corporate training.

Currently, Conquer has more than 100 employees, more than 200 in-company client companies and around 600,000 students. However, things were not always like this… 

Before the pandemic, Conquer was an exclusively on-site school, which had, amazingly, 30,000 students. In a matter of months – and after digitizing the business – they managed to attract 520,000 new students.

“The pandemic made us reinvent ourselves and advance a dream of accelerating our transition to digital. We already had the desire to become a school also with online courses, but we were leaving it for later because the growth and expansion of the company was already great”, says Suelen Moraes, coordinator of Content Marketing at Escola Conquer. “In three years we already had 8 offices across the country, but with the arrival of social isolation and quarantine, we are now also a company that offers online courses”, he adds.

You can see below, in detail, how it all happened.

Conquers turn to digital

With the arrival of the pandemic and, consequently, the social distance, the Conquer School soon realized that students had stopped going to classes. With new classes of face-to-face courses starting in the following weeks, a quick decision had to be made to prevent a high rate of cancellations from occurring.

It was with this urgency in hand that Conquer achieved its first feat: transforming, in 72 hours, all of its physical courses into online courses. “We didn’t stop to think, we just knew that letting our students down and without courses was not an option. It was all decided in one dawn”, says Suelen.

In order for everything to take shape, in those three days, the company’s employees were divided into different squads, and freelance audio and video professionals were also called upon. The teachers who would already give the on-site courses were quickly trained for the online environment, to maintain Conquer’s hands-on methodology even in the virtual environment – ​​after all, their courses always offered a theory, of course, but always combined with a lot of practice.

The purpose of this first turnaround was simply to keep the students and provide an experience as good as the in-person experience. And Conquer did it: less than 1% of students cancelled their enrollment.

After managing to keep the vast majority of his students, the next step was to think about how to continue selling in this delicate moment. An extra dose of empathy was needed, a way to help people and really create value for them. “What is their context? How to get into it and help in any way? Our purpose is to transform the country’s education and help people to develop”, adds Suelen.

Conquer found in Digital Marketing the answers to these questions, with the help of Blue World City that preceded many positive changes. Check out! 

Digital Marketing actions were taken by Conquer during the Covid-19 crisis

To generate value for people and continue fulfilling its mission of bringing quality education to the country, Conquer bet on what the company already had: content. Guided by this single word, they operated on more than one front and generated incredible results, which you can see below!

Step 1: Conquer’s Quarantine Zone

Conquer’s first action was to create the Quarantine Zone page. On the Landing Page in question, created with the help of RD Station Marketing, it was enough for the person to leave their data to have access to various free content. Content that the company already had and reused, such as eBooks, videos, webinar series, etc.

The Quarantine Zone alone generated 10,000 Leads for Conquer. The initiative was a success, and the company was contacted by several portals to grant interviews and explain how everything worked. Even influencers shared the address on their social networks.

The drag & drop editor for Landing Pages and Pop-ups is one of the features that RD Station Marketing customers enjoy the most. With it, you can easily create pieces to advertise offers and convert your visitors into Leads! You don’t need to be a design expert to use it, just drag and drop elements to swap them. And, in case you need ideas, we have dozens of ready-made templates!

As with Conquer, your company may also need to quickly create Landing Pages in certain situations. You might also want to do A/B tests with various layouts to determine which one is better. That’s why having an editor with many options and simple usability is so important. It’s just one of the ways RD Station Marketing makes your Digital Marketing operation more productive.

Step 2: Free course advertised in Email Marketing campaigns

When the boom in the Quarantine Zone passed, Conquer launched its biggest card. Realizing the instability of the moment, the more aggravated anxiety in people and the need to deal with all these emotions – especially in the professional environment -, it decided to make available for free one of its best-selling courses before the quarantine, on Emotional Intelligence.

The course, called “Strength”, deals with issues of self-knowledge, leading the student to understand their strengths and weaknesses. To be made available for free, it was even adapted at the time of quarantine, for objective actions that people could take quickly.

For dissemination, they chose videos, broadcast lists on WhatsApp and Telegram, and also the Email Marketing functionality of RD Station Marketing. In the tool, they segmented the submission to Leads from the base who had signed up for the course before and had not started or just made a part of it.

The result? There were more than 520 thousand enrolled in the course, many shares, more requests for interviews for portals, radios and other means. Conquer was even in 83rd place in the list of the 100 most remembered brands by Brazilians in the Covid-19 pandemic, released by Exam, ahead of big names, inclusive. In addition, it was the only company in the Education sector on the list, and also the youngest. We don’t even need to say that Conquer’s visibility and brand recognition soared to the sky, right? After the success with the Emotional Intelligence course, at the request of students and the public, the company also created a Conquer Development Program, with five skills (modules) to be developed in a period of one year.

In less than a month, Conquer also launched 10 new online courses with a value 3x lower than its in-person courses. The main idea was based on making these materials accessible to as many people as possible throughout Brazil.

As we said above, RD Station Marketing was a great partner of Conquer in this second step as well. The platform has a drag & drop email editor, which adds to the Landing Pages and pop-ups for your business to save time with personalized campaigns that really work.

In addition, Conquer was able to select the most appropriate targeting to trigger the email, reaching a base that was more likely to convert to the offer. RD Station Marketing has multiple options with dozens of criteria, allowing segmented communications through automation flows, creating personalized experiences for Leads. All this is based on the data that the tool brings from your campaigns, with in-depth analysis.

Step 3: Successful partnership with ifood

Thanks to the success of the Emotional Intelligence course, many companies came to Conquer, interested in its corporate training available in the virtual environment. Among those who turned to Conquer to establish a partnership is iFood.

“The restaurant and bar chains were some of the most affected during the quarantine, and this somehow sensitized iFood, thinking about the support it could offer these companies”, says Vinícius Torresan, B2B Content Analyst at Escola Conquer. “With this, Conquer and iFood got together and understood the possibilities of this partnership, how our Education solutions could help the large network that iFood has”, he concludes.

The partnership yielded another free course with the Conquer seal that iFood made available to all partner restaurants and establishments. The material covered Marketing tips, lessons on how to sell during the pandemic and also financial organization issues.

The action was very positive, helped many people and, once again, made the news in different niches of the Press.

Change of audience

It is also important to point out that with all this turnaround, Conquer’s persona also changed, or rather, a second one was created.

Before Conquer had a more select audience, after all, its courses offered face-to-face demanded greater investment. With the initiative to provide so many free and quality materials, Conquer caught the attention of the public who could not afford a face-to-face course but who saw in digital a way out to find lower costs.

In addition, the free courses opened a door for people to realize their value and usefulness and thus start paying for them. Suelen and Vinícius state that, so far, the change and mix of personas are clear, they are younger, older and from different regions – which, in person, before Conquer was unable to cover.

In short, Conquer’s audience has expanded and, now, the possibilities for business growth are also greater. “Conquer is no longer restricted to cities where it has physical units. Today, we have students in all regions of Brazil and in at least 81 countries, that is, a larger and more diverse audience”, celebrates Vinícius.

Developing valuable relationships with all this new audience through Inbound Marketing is another mission for RD Station Marketing. With the Marketing Automation flows working, Conquer can nurture your new Leads with information and educational content, until they are ready to buy a new course.

It is very simple to build a nutrition flow in RD Station Marketing. See below a screen, with the options of actions that you can use to lead your Leads until the moment of purchase in an automated way, scaling your Digital Marketing operation!

Marketing Automation Helped Conquer Achieve Positive Results amidst the Pandemic

As mentioned earlier, Conquer made use of our tool, RD Station Marketing, to get its Landing Pages online and make better use of Email Marketing. Before the pandemic, the company was already working with the tool, always focusing on Inbound Marketing and Performance.

“Inbound was already quite strong in our strategy to attract people to the site. But before Conquer was a regional company, it was difficult to attract people from all over the country. Today, Inbound is even stronger, as we are virtually in the whole of Brazil and even abroad. This even opens the door for us to invest even more in this strategy”, says Suelen.

In addition, before, the company depended more on Performance, in this case, advertisements, to bring students. Today, Inbound has taken that front, generating more revenue with less investment. Within the Inbound strategy, Conquer focuses on Email Marketing and Paid Media as the main demand generation channels.

With RD Station Marketing, Automation flows are created for each student profile, based on the prior knowledge informed by the Lead when making a conversion. From the moment the Lead is found, different development strategies are set up so that he/she finishes the course for which he/she has signed up, for example.

“I don’t know what would become of us without RD Station,” jokes Suelen. “The entire implementation process was very well done, thanks to that when we really needed it, during the pandemic, we were already with our base formed and making good use of the tool, much of this is also due to our excellent Customer Success, Daniel Sampaio ”.

Today, within RD Station Marketing, Conquer makes a lot of use of Email Marketing, Lead Segmentation, Marketing Automation, Pop-Ups and the Landing Pages creation feature that, according to Suelen, saves lives:

“For the most robust Landing Pages we use our designers and programmers, but when we need agility for a launch, something quick, it is very easy to use the features of RD Station and use drag-and-drop, simply who have never created a Landing Page can create ”.

Marketing strategies that generate better results that, in turn, generate sales

Finally, Suelen and Vinícius emphasize that a good Marketing strategy is one that is not cold, that does not try to shove the product or solution down the throat. It is the one that delivers real value to the customer and understands that they need to generate value for the Lead even before they are interested in the product.

In the midst of the crisis, Conquer took the opportunity to humanize all its channels. Thus, it generated an increasingly healthy and satisfying relationship with the customer.

Conquer’s great differential in the pandemic was that they were human, they stopped marketing one of its best-selling courses to make it available for free to people, they gave up the “only” thing they could think of selling, risked and returned thanks to the purpose. And RD Station Marketing was there as a partner, helping Conquer to communicate this action to hundreds of thousands of people throughout Brazil.

Looking ahead, Suelen points out that Conquer will not be just an online school. “The face-to-face is also cool, the face-to-face is in Conquer’s DNA. The face-to-face schools continue, but online will come very strong, it has come to add up. The scope is much greater and the possibilities for content as well”, he concludes.

For those of you who are reading to reflect, Conquer’s Content Marketing coordinator left one last question: what am I making people feel right now? Think about it!


A company in the Education sector is on the list of the 100 most remembered brands by Brazilians in the Covid-19 pandemic, released by Exame Recently, Resultados Digitais launched a study carried out in partnership with Endeavor Brasil and Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios. Entitled “Panorama SMEs: the impacts of Covid-19 and steps towards recovery”, the compilation brings…