Instagram Shopping: how to activate the feature and sell more on the social network


Instagram Shopping: how to activate the feature and sell more on the social network

Instagram united the need of brands (sell) with the desire of the consumer (buy) in a new feature that provides the experience of shopping without leaving the platform: Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows brands to create a virtual storefront within the social network, where followers can explore and even buy products without leaving Instagram. With Instagram Shopping it is possible for companies to mark their products in posts published in the feed.

Social networks, especially Instagram, have always been places that provided inspiration for your users on various subjects, such as travel, fashion or decoration. And it was precisely this characteristic that also generated an incentive for users to increasingly consume the lifestyle they saw in the feed.

Calm down, Blue World City will explain! All this inspiration made Instagram become a place that was very motivating for purchases. According to the network itself, it was a space accessed by 70% of fashion enthusiasts to discover new products. In addition, 87% of its users have made purchases inspired by the content of an influencer.

With that in mind, Instagram has united the need for brands (sell) with the desire of the consumer (to buy) in a new feature that provides the experience of shopping without leaving the platform: Instagram Shopping. And that’s what we talk about in today’s article, follow it!

What is Instagram Shopping and what are its features?

With the arrival of big brands to Instagram, it quickly lost the absolute focus it had on photographic and inspirational content, starting to have a strong sales appeal.

Users were able to feel this change in the direction of the platform: ads became increasingly present in navigation, which was intensified even more with the addition of stories and the constant drops in organic content delivery.

However, it was with Instagram Shopping that the social network definitely confirmed its intention to be a place for shopping. This feature brings together a series of tools that allow your follower to buy your products without leaving the social network.

How to sell through Instagram Shopping

See a summary of the top-selling features made available by Instagram Shopping.

The shops

The main way to sell through Instagram Shopping is by creating your online store within the social network. For this, brands can register their products, which will be displayed to followers.

The stores are accessible to platform users from a button on the brand’s profile or even through the “Store” tab, where it is possible to search for brands or explore the ones displayed there.

The store’s collections

Another resource to help your customers in their search for the perfect product is collections, a kind of album that brings together several products. You can create a selection of gift items, a summer clothing collection or even an inventory of products for the home, for example.

There are two places where the buyer can find your brand’s collections. One of them is on the Store tab, wherein the upper right corner there is a filter to view them. The other is in the Guides area, within your brand profile.

Price tags

Another way found to help you sell through Instagram Shopping was the use of tags. They can be added to your feed posts or Instagram ads, for example, so that when they see an item in the image, consumers can instantly know its price.

In addition, by clicking on the price displayed by the tags the follower is taken to the product details page.

Product Detail Pages

When you click on a product in the store, Instagram Shopping offers an item detail page. There, it is possible to show the buyer a description of the product, available sizes, and information on its shipping and return policy, as well as other photos or videos.

Of course, it is also possible to make a purchase through this page.

Product launches

Another way to sell through Instagram Shopping is creating stories to announce the next products to be launched by your brand. As with Instagram countdown stickers, your followers will be able to set reminders to let you know when the news is available for sale.

Furthermore, by clicking on the product launch sticker, it is possible to see details of what will be sold, to generate expectations in the audience.

Live sales

It is now also possible to promote a product for purchase during alive. It appears right below the audience comments, with a button to add the product to the shopping cart.

Good ways to activate this feature are, for example, to hold an event to show how a new item is for sale or to partner with influencers for a live test of the product.

What are Instagram Shopping requirements?

To be able to sell through Instagram Shopping, it is necessary to follow some criteria of the social network:

  • Your business needs to be on the list of markets supported by the tool;
  • Your Instagram account must be commercial or content creator;
  • Your business needs to have an eligible product for the platform;
  • The brand must comply with Facebook’s Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies ;
  • The brand must have a website domain from which it wants to make sales.

How to activate Instagram Shopping

1. Check eligibility

Check out the list of prerequisites for Instagram Shopping sales above. If your brand meets all of these points, go ahead.

2. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram

To do this, enter your brand’s Instagram profile and click to edit the profile. Then, under Public information about the business, select the “Page” option and choose which page you want to connect to your business.

3. Upload a product portfolio

You can create your product catalog manually in your Facebook Business Manager.

4. Review your account

To submit your product catalog for review, go to your brand profile and click on the menu in the upper right corner. Then select “Settings” and sign up for Instagram Shopping, following the step-by-step request.

This review phase may take a few days. At any time, you can go back to the settings and click on the “Purchase” section to see how your review request is doing.

Before releasing your account for sales, Instagram may need to verify that you really own your website’s domain. If this is your case, the platform will send you a notification with a step by step to be followed to prove ownership of your domain.

5. Activate the shopping functionality

Approved profile? Great, let’s go to the final step to be able to use and abuse Instagram shopping features.

Go to your brand profile and open the menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on “Settings”, then on “Business” and finally on “Shopping”. You will now select the product catalog you want to associate with this profile.

6. Use sales resources

Ready! Now Instagram Shopping is released and active on your account. It’s time to start putting price tags on photos, using the sales sticker for stories, promoting lives or making stories about product launches, and creating guides to gather collections of items that your audience might be interested in.

5 Tips to Sell More Using Instagram Shopping

When we’re talking about Instagram Shopping, it’s important to know that it’s not enough to add your products to the tool and expect them to sell themselves. Just like any other online channel, it takes an outreach effort.

And, in the specific case of Instagram sales, it is also necessary to work on its content so that, when impacting the audience, it carries the right message and image, in order to encourage desire and conversions.

So, here are five tips on how to sell through Instagram Shopping and get closer to your consumer.

Understand who your audience is

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But the truth is that many brands still make the mistake of advertising to a broad audience without taking into account the specific characteristics of their consumers.

By knowing in depth who your business’s audience is, you can understand what makes them like your products and, therefore, understand what they see as a benefit. Furthermore, it is also possible to understand what your desires are and bring them represented in your communication.

Like? Well, your Instagram photos can bring an inspirational appeal based on the lifestyle your audience is looking for. Thus, with a custom-made creation, any product becomes more attractive.

To gain this understanding of your target audience, it is worth making use of several possibilities of gathering information in parallel. You can think, for example, of making polls with your followers in the stories or sending a newsletter with a Google form to be answered in exchange for some benefit.

Your own social networks are also a great source of reference. Report on the key demographics offered on Instagram, as well as try to find patterns between the comments and messages you receive.

The ideal is for you to understand who your persona is, which is a fictitious representation – but based on real data – of your business’ customer. Use our Persona Generator to speed up understanding of this concept (and generate your persona, of course).

Don’t make your Instagram a catalog

I know I know. You’ve just created a product catalog on Instagram Shopping, so this tip seems kind of absurd. But rest assured that I will explain why this is.

Think of a traditional shoe store catalog. Generally, products appear as the star of the show and are photographed in environments with a single color background. The more interference in the image, the more the look will deviate from the product, so the photo is produced so that the shoes stand out.

However, social networks are spaces where people are to connect with other people and brands that share their values ​​and personal tastes. In other words, the consumption of information and the public’s expectations for the image are different in this communication channel.

Therefore, when we say not to turn your Instagram profile into a catalogue, we are talking about not creating a communication without context, which seems posed for the photo and, therefore, cold and distant from the reality of its buyer.

Ideally, the photos to promote your products always bring context, that is, they show when the consumer can use them (eg at work, at the gym, at college) and what benefits they can take from this purchase.

Humanize your communication

Another thing that makes your audience feel more motivated to buy your product on Instagram Shopping is the human factor.

While a photo with the product in a set may seem a bit too contrived, bringing people into the images has the opposite effect: it makes the audience have someone to identify with.

So, recruit friends or hire models to take photos of real people using your products.

It is also worth remembering that representativeness matters when it comes to generating identification. Therefore, always try to represent in your images types of people who are similar to your audience. If you have a lot of older clients or moms, for example, it’s a good idea to produce content that portrays people like that.

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Explore the format of catalog ads

In our article about ads on Instagram and other social networks, we’ve already talked about the various advantages of promoting your posts. Among them are the fact that you can reach a wider audience and increase your chances of finding a more qualified audience for the conversion.

And, for those who decide to explore this area, Instagram offers a series of ad formats so that you have options on how to get your brand in the best possible way.

One of those formats that is 100% focused on encouraging sales through Instagram Shopping is the collection or catalogue. In it, you have an image or video and below are three products that you have registered on Facebook. By clicking on products, your consumer opens a catalog with other products of your company that may interest him.

This format does two important things to drive more sales: it allows the buyer to know more about your product portfolio and, who knows, find something that interests them, without having to leave the social network to do so. In other words, it makes life easier for those who are tending to buy with a perfect combo!

Bet on remarketing

Do you know what that expression means? Remarketing means promoting your posts and products to people who have already interacted with your brand in some way. In other words, it means that your ads with Instagram Shopping products will appear to those who have already liked, commented, shared and saved your content or even purchased directly from your posts.

Remarketing boosts Instagram Shopping sales because it offers the product to those who have naturally shown interest in it. So it’s a smart way to convince new customers to buy, repeat sales to old customers or increase your customers’ average ticket.

To work the remarketing in your digital strategy you will need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. The pixel is a code, to be inserted into the HTML of the page that identifies each visitor to your website coming from social networks and creates a list of who these people are.

Once that’s done, it’s time to create your Instagram ad campaign. When selecting the ad audience, you can choose to use precisely this remarketing list, reaching only people who already visit your e-commerce.

Want to know another option to generate leads and increase sales in your business on social media? So, go beyond Instagram Shopping and discover the new functionality of RD Station Marketing: the Virtual Showcase!

With this feature, it is possible to transform your feed posts into items in a shop window, with information, price and links to buy.


Instagram united the need of brands (sell) with the desire of the consumer (buy) in a new feature that provides the experience of shopping without leaving the platform: Instagram Shopping Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows brands to create a virtual storefront within the social network, where followers can explore and even buy products…