Marketing Automation: The Most Important Digital Marketing Skill for 2021

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Marketing Automation: The Most Important Digital Marketing Skill for 2021

Understand the importance of Digital Marketing skills and the tips to specialize in the main one are: Marketing Automation!

It is already clear to the market that the Marketing area is the heart of companies when we talk about revenue generation. With the advancement of digital, it changed status: if before it was the area responsible for simply promoting the brand and activating different channels, now it goes beyond, ensuring the attraction of the public to affect new sales. This means that Digital Marketing skills have changed and continue to change over time.

Professionals in the area are now evaluated on the goals achieved and the number of people who are converting (which directly impacts revenue generation), and not just on brand building.

With this scenario of changes in the skills of the Marketing professional, one of them gains more and more prominence and assumes a leading role in 2021. We are talking about the knowledge and practice of Marketing Automation.

This information is contained in The 2020 State of Digital Marketing report, produced by Altimeter. Launched in November 2020, the study included the participation of 476 senior-level marketers from China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, between the months of August and September 2020.

Analyzing this result, there is only one choice to make: know the steps to learn how to do Marketing Automation and put it into practice. In this content you will check:

  • What the survey result means for Marketing professionals and for the market;
  • How to do Marketing Automation in practice;
  • Courses and tools needed to create automation flows;
  • Other skills that complement this Digital Marketing skill.

Note 1: Do you really want to learn how to use this Marketing Automation skill, whether to advance your career or achieve even better results for your company? So stay until the end and it will be worth it 😉

Note 2: in addition to research, we are going to indicate a series of courses, content and tools that complement learning in Marketing Automation. Blue World City suggest you access them all to solidify your learning. Come on!

Marketing Automation Is Key in the Transition from 2020 To 2021

As the maturity of companies around the world increases in relation to the use of the digital environment to generate revenue, the strategies and actions used to become more segmented and personalized. This is where the Marketing Automation job comes in.

The data disclosed in The 2020 State of Digital Marketing report help to understand this moment in the market. Its main objective is to identify the best practices that are used by companies to achieve excellence in Digital Marketing. 

Among the conclusions pointed out in the research are:

  • The acquisition of new customers (40%) and the increase in current income with customers already in the base (39%) are the main objectives of marketers;
  • 52% of companies ranked technology integration as their top Digital Marketing challenge today;
  • Among the other challenges, it appears right after, with 51%, the hiring of talent prepared to meet the demands of the area.

This relevant percentage in the search for talent leads us to the number that we will highlight here: when asking professionals about what are the most important skills in the transition from 2020 to 2021, 39% indicated Marketing Automation as a response, ranking 2nd in the ranking, which is led by data analysis, with 42%.

We are living in a time when brands need to talk 1 to 1 with their audience. This customization is critical for engagement. This is precisely why the use of automation and knowledge to put this strategy into practice is so relevant for 2021.

Yes, the production of content in different channels and formats, the use of SEO techniques and the UX structure are pillars that every organization needs to focus on. But to go further and actually ensure great results, we need to rely on this Digital Marketing skill.

But why automation and not something else?

Using Marketing Automation means having the ability to create communication flows with your audience and your Leads base. This is a strategy that fulfils three pillars:

  • It provides data that allows you to send personalized marketing campaigns to your Leads and customers;
  • It also allows you to track each contact’s interaction to identify their main interests;
  • Automation even allows you to provide a seamless journey, connecting a specific pain with a solution at the right time.

On top of that, it makes it easy to analyze the results of your marketing campaigns, identifying more specific revenue-generating opportunities.

Using automation is also considered a success factor for companies. In addition to taking the next step in your work structure and results, it helps to increase your team’s productivity! Automating means doing more, on a large scale, with less effort and investment.

How to do Marketing Automation?

Okay, we’ve already seen that this is one of the skills of the marketer that can’t be missing from the priority list to develop. But for those who have never heard of her, what is the path from now on? After all, can you learn Marketing Automation?

Yes it does! And here we’ll show you how to get started with 3 steps:

1. Marketing Automation Course

Never had contact or do not know where to start doing the automation work? So starting with the theory is a good option to understand the context in which it is inserted.

For this, we will indicate 2 courses for you:

  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing: free course from RD University that shows all the details of the Inbound marketing methodology, where Marketing Automation is one of the pillars. Here you will have the knowledge you need to understand how, when and where to use automated flows;
  • Deepening in Email Marketing and Automation: with this Marketing Automation course, you will understand how automating some messages can make the relationship with your contacts more personalized and efficient.

Here at RD, we always use the 70-20-10 learning model: 10% comes with formal learning, 20% with relationships and sharing with other people and 70% with practice.

In this case, the course and all the other materials that you theoretically consume on the topic are included in this 10%.

To complement this learning stage, we are going to leave some materials that are essential for you to evolve with this and other skills of the marketer:

  • [Whitepaper] What is Marketing Automation → get to know the details about the concept of automation and its role in improving your results, all visually and directly with this whitepaper;
  • [eBook] The Secrets of Digital Results: how we create automation flows, personas and purchase journeys → here you will already have a practical view of the flows that we use in RD’s Marketing area. Therefore, it is important to have a theoretical basis to understand all the examples, necessary steps and how to apply automation in your Marketing operation.

2. Marketing Automation Tool

The courses and content indicated to show the way to understand the role of automation. But in order to really guarantee this learning, we need to put it into practice. And here our indication is to use RD Station Marketing, the all-in-one solution to manage your Digital Marketing actions in one place.

The tool is the leader among Marketing Automation software in the ranking of the B2B Stack and the functionality for creating flows is very intuitive, allowing construction by blocks. By accessing the following article, you can see a complete tutorial on how to create a nutrition flow using RD Station Marketing: How Marketing Automation works with RD Station Marketing.

This tutorial shows a simpler Marketing Automation, with a Leads input source and a single path split. But you can go much further with RD Station Marketing, creating complete flows

The tip now is to check the next indication of material, which allows you to go to the most advanced level, viewing examples of flows that can be used in any company’s Digital Marketing strategies.

  • [Worksheet + Examples] 11 Sample Flows Marketing Automation → take the final step on your learning list. See the examples that our curator has selected and another super bonus: a spreadsheet to do all your Marketing Automation Planning, which we’ll detail in the next topic.

3. Plan automation flows

Without goals, it’s hard to know if your Marketing Automation campaigns are working. After all, what do you want to achieve with your campaign? Do you need to increase brand awareness or generate new Leads conversions?

Therefore, planning is essential to create automation flows. You must know the answers to these questions before starting an automation campaign.

If we already understand that Marketing Automation can help your company in many ways, ensuring that it is well structured, with all the steps mapped out, is a step that cannot be missed. In this case, your plan must also respond:

  • What input triggers should we use?
  • How many steps will the flow consist of?
  • What will the Lead receive in the first automation step?
  • What is the waiting time until receiving the second stage?
  • What will he receive in the second round and in the next ones, if any?

Did you understand how to do this planning? Still, have doubts? So, nothing better than listening to experts talking about how to plan this work in practice!

For this reason, I invite you to watch the [Webinar] How to plan your automation flows to scale and predict the results below, with Ricardo Palma, Co-founder of Basementors, and André Pino, Marketing Coordinator at Lumis.

Marketing professional skills that support the automation work

If you’ve seen the tutorial, you’ll notice there are a few steps before creating a new flow. You need to know how to segment your audience and build the emails that will be sent from the automation. This means that there is complementary knowledge to perform this work.

Also, by engaging other skills, you automatically bring insights into how your audience interacts with different materials and communication channels.

In this case, it is essential to combine knowledge of content creation and strategy, Social Media, Email Marketing, paid media, Growth Hacking and data analysis to build streams with good performance.

Using Marketing Automation also means that we will segment your Leads base. You can create targets based on these factors:

  • The page the potential customer visited or converted;
  • The pages they haven’t visited;
  • The type of device they used to access your website;
  • The total number of Landing Page conversions they performed;
  • The number of times they visited your site.

Automation beyond communication: manage and automatically qualify your Leads

Did you find that the use of Marketing Automation was restricted to your communications with the contact base? So now know that this is not all she can do!

If it is possible to automate the journey and the path that you’re Lead takes to reach the purchase stage, you can also reduce the time between the stages of management and qualification of Leads, in the relationship between Marketing and Sales.

The moment you acquire the knowledge you need to put this skill into practice, new automation opportunities arise, such as the automatic qualification of Leads.

By creating clear business rules when moving from Leads to sales opportunities, it is easy to use the automation tool to carry out this process. Here the tips are:

  • Automate your sales funnel → from the characteristics of your Leads, you identify opportunities and send them to the Sales team through an automation flow. Example: for any contact that reaches 200 points in the Lead Scoring, send it as an opportunity for the Sales team to get in touch;
  • Integrate with your CRM → in addition to keeping salespeople always automatically supplied from Leads actions, which feature new opportunities, automation also allows you to integrate with your CRM, such as RD Station CRM. This reduces your time to approach, improving your conversion rates to sales.

With the same automation structure, taking Leads from one step to another in your sales funnel, you improve the productivity of both areas and can adjust your qualification SLA (which are the criteria for passing Marketing Leads to Sales) quickly, whenever necessary.

Don’t forget: practising is the best way to learn a new skill

Our final tip to evolve with this one that is among the main skills of Digital Marketing is: focus on 70% of learning, in other words, on the practical part. Remembering that RD Station Marketing will support everything that is necessary for this construction. In addition, the tool is continuously updated as market practices evolve as well.

One of the latest innovations launched is the possibility to schedule a specific date and time to perform an automation step. With it, you can send that reminder, to the entire list of subscribers that will accompany an event or live agenda, regardless of whether the Lead registered 1 month before or 1 day before.


Understand the importance of Digital Marketing skills and the tips to specialize in the main one are: Marketing Automation! It is already clear to the market that the Marketing area is the heart of companies when we talk about revenue generation. With the advancement of digital, it changed status: if before it was the area responsible for simply…