Microlites, what are they and why invest in one?


Microlites, what are they and why invest in one?

If you are thinking of investing your capital in an operation that provides great returns for your future, Blue World City is always a good option, since it offers many benefits in the medium and long term.

The high profitability of real estate is the main reason to invest in land, and that this is one of the favorite businesses of entrepreneurs and investors.

Now, not all terrain is considered investment terrain. To do this, you must take into account several important factors before investing.

There is a wide range of land for sale to choose from and to get the best option you must carry out a thorough investigation, as well as have the help of an expert in real estate issues.

To delve deeper into the subject, in this article we will talk about macro lots, what they are, what their benefits are and how to use them to grow your investment.

What is a macro lot?

The microlite is a large area of ​​land located in a strategic area, which can be considered within a large-scale real estate development plan; These are spaces planned to grow in an area of ​​high added value with a view to urbanization.

Macro lots are an opportunity for large projects with a long-term investment in the real estate market. These can be aimed at construction, housing development, work areas, for the industrial sector or as a source of investment for retirement.

A microlite can also be defined as a real estate used in order to generate a return on itself, through the capital gain that will be generated over time or by making it work through income, building a trade or another type of business.

Among the characteristics that stand out of a microlite, an infrastructure designed to optimize spaces stands out, and the types of businesses that are planned to be installed on the ground.

It is worth mentioning that this type of land requires a larger initial budget, since they are designed for investors with large-scale projects.

Being land destined for entrepreneurs with greater capital and more ambitious projects, the advantages are diverse. For example:

You can be sure that it is a profitable business, especially if you use it for the construction of commercial premises. You will not only have the option of putting your microlite to work, but also of putting the premises for sale or rent, and thus generate a greater return on your investment.

The gains that you will obtain from the capital gain that your land will obtain will increase more and more with the passage of time, thanks to the extension and location that it has.

If over time you have not decided to build and decide to sell, you can also choose to do it in smaller lots, thus generating a greater return on your initial investment.

Differences between batches and macro batches

An investment lot is an extension of land located in an area close to the urban area — it is ideal — just like macro lots, so the main difference between the two is size.

To be considered a microlite, it must have at least one hectare of land, in addition to the fact that a microlite can in turn be divided into lots, which can be used for different types of business or for residential purposes.

Depending on the type of land use, investment lots can be classified into:

  • Commercial lots: they are those with commercial purposes – worth the redundancy – that is, those that are focused on the establishment of businesses.
  • Residential lots: they are those that are intended for a home and are located in areas with real estate developments such as subdivisions or private.
  • Industrial lots: are those focused on meeting the needs of an industry and, therefore, require being at a greater distance from the urban area.

Macro lots can also be divided into this classification, with the advantage that within a macro lot one more type of land use can be defined, for example, allocating one part for commercial purposes and another for home.

This is something common in large developments, in which you can see elaborate complexes that include residences, office buildings, universities, businesses of various types, green areas, among others.

If you are an entrepreneur with the desire to invest and with the aim of building wealth, it is advisable that you choose a batch of the necessary measures for your small business or home.

If, on the other hand, you are an entrepreneur with a strong capital, and even associated with other investors and your objective is large-scale businesses, without a doubt, macro-lots are the option you are looking for.

Remember also that within the investment lots there are several types, and you must make sure that the use of the land corresponds to the project you want to carry out. That is, if what you want is to start a business, make sure you are buying a commercial land.

Commercial lots must be strategically located, since only in this way will they offer you a safe and profitable investment.

How to make money with a macro lot

Investing in the purchase of a microlite is an excellent opportunity to obtain high returns with important results for your economy, as well as to build a wealth that will increase your capital.

To identify a microlite with potential, you must bear in mind that these are located in future growth areas of cities. This is the main quality they possess.

This also implies that at the beginning it is likely that your land does not have the services or infrastructure that are required to use it immediately. But that in the future it will have them, it is only a matter of waiting for the urban sprawl of the city to spread through that area.

However, it is not a disadvantage. This is just what their potential and profitability provide, in being able to visualize the near future and invest before it happens, but taking advantage of the current price that will be more comfortable for you to settle. This will depend on both your capital and your business plans.

Another option if you do not want to wait is to acquire land already developed, which has greater advantages and improves capital gains in the short term. These lands already have basic services such as drinking water, electricity, drainage and public lighting.

It is possible to acquire those with serious real estate companies, with experience and real estate projects for any type of industry – as is the case with BMF inversions -, and this does not mean that it is necessary to invest much more capital, since there is the option of acquiring at a lower cost in presale.

Now, how do you make money with a macro lot? These are some of the options that you can carry out depending on your business plan:

1. Develop a real estate project

If you are an entrepreneur or have enough capital to start your business in this sector, the options for real estate development are very extensive, for example:

  • The construction of a subdivision of low-income houses, which are in great demand due to their low prices and from which a good profit margin can be obtained.
  • Luxury residences with exclusive amenities that considerably increase their value and increase your profits.
  • Apartment buildings which are ideal to offer a large number of homes in a smaller space. Mérida has ventured into this housing model in recent years.
  • Office buildings which are always in demand, since the Mexican southeast is an ideal place to invest in 2021.
  • Commercial premises that offer products and services to the inhabitants of the surroundings, these can be for rent or sale depending on your business plan.

2. Divide into lots and sell separately

One of the goals of acquiring a large lot without investing too much capital – such as in a real estate development – is to divide into smaller lots and sell them.

For this, you must be patient and define the type of lots that will be at the time of division, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

There are many companies that prefer to buy a lot without construction, to make it to their liking and needs than to acquire a premise already in shape. This applies especially to franchises or business models that are out of the ordinary.

Patience is required for this process, since it can sometimes be time consuming to sell all the lots separately, however, it allows a constant economic flow and an interesting yield.

3. Resell once its value increases

This strategy is for those who have both the time and the financial solvency, to wait long enough for the equity in the property to increase.

This can be medium to long term and will depend on factors such as location, services, accessibility, among others.

Meanwhile, there are ways to get extra income from the land without the need for additional construction or improvement expenses.

To talk about this in more detail, we have prepared two articles that will help you choose the best option: How to earn money from land without investing too much? and 7 business ideas to earn money when buying land.

4. Give it on lease

As we have mentioned, if you do not have plans to build a business or a development, leasing it will be the best option.

The rent of your microlite will allow you to obtain additional income, in the event that it is still being paid through a credit, the amount of the rent will help to settle in less time.

You can rent it all or in parts, to the same company or to several, the possibilities are many and you get great benefits in all of them. For example, the rental of land for franchises is very popular and given the size it could be of interest to a large supermarket chain.

If you want to know how to make a profit by leasing land, we invite you to read the article that we have prepared in this regard.

5. Expand your business

Of course, there are times when a successful company needs to expand and improve processes to advance to the next level.

This is the case of corporate macro lots whose purpose is to satisfy the demand of a growing company or industry.

How to increase the capital gain of a microlite?

Whichever option you have chosen to earn money with your property, an important point is that it increases in value over time, so you must take into account these factors that will help ensure that this happens.

1. Location

Regardless of the business or project for the property, it is vitally important that it has a good location. With this half of the capital gain is ensured.

It is a fact that there are many available lands, but not all have a privileged location, so do not miss the opportunity when you find one.

2. Accessibility

As well as the location, the land must be accessible from several routes and have in the surroundings basic services such as transportation, medical or educational care.

Likewise, it must have a road system, that is, paved streets, signs, and enough vehicular and pedestrian passage to function as a business.

3. Legal purchase process

This must be carried out before a notary public, which guarantees the legal certainty of the sale and registers the process in the Public Property Registry.

Having the property title protects you from possible fraud or legal problems, in addition to guaranteeing you as the sole and legitimate owner, as well as the power to dispose of the property in the best way.

4. Keep it up to date

By this we mean verifying that the services are in good working order, and that the payment of the corresponding taxes is made on time each year, as is the case of the property tax.

In the case of not using, it for your own purposes or renting it, it is important to keep it clean and in good condition to avoid possible paratroopers.

Microlites, an excellent option

Now that you know the benefits of macro lots for your business and your economy, it only remains to find the right real estate company to acquire one.

We know the needs of all our investors, for this reason we develop ideal projects for medium and small commercial companies, dry cleaners, shops, businesses, etc.

This is how the Parque Bazar project offers you investment lots with projected development in the states of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. Having your own business in cities like Mérida, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, today is a reality that can be financed comfortably and safely.

At BMF inversions we provide opportunities and the right product for all our clients, therefore our services include personalized advice at each step of the process.


If you are thinking of investing your capital in an operation that provides great returns for your future, Blue World City is always a good option, since it offers many benefits in the medium and long term. The high profitability of real estate is the main reason to invest in land, and that this is one of the favorite…