Why is Digital Marketing so important at this time of crisis?


Why is Digital Marketing so important at this time of crisis?

The impact of Covid-19 brings the conviction that seeking a new way of doing business and growing is a matter of survival for companies. Do you want to understand how Digital Marketing is the way to face this challenging moment?

We were already experiencing a change in how companies operate their businesses due to digitization. With the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, these processes were abruptly accelerated and many paradigms are being transformed, showing that reinvention is necessary.

The initial shock with the pandemic was, and still is, extremely harsh. We are migrating to a “new normal”, and this change, although uncertain as to its impact and dimension, brings the conviction that seeking a new way of doing business and growing is a matter of survival for companies today.

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The strong impact on small businesses

Within days, public health and safety measures had a direct impact on most business segments. Several companies – mainly small and medium ones that had their physical operations – began to have their traditional actions unfeasible. This was quickly reflected in the downturn in sales, putting these businesses at imminent risk.

Small and medium-sized companies, like yours, are responsible for 80% of formal jobs in the country and have cash to operate for a maximum of 30 to 120 days. This makes it even more challenging to get through the crisis without going broke. Large companies, due to their size and scale, brand recognition and cash capacity, are better able to go through the crisis without major impacts in the medium and long term. 

If you want to know more about the impacts of the pandemic on small and medium-sized companies in Brazil, access the study Panorama PMEs: the impacts of Covid-19 and the steps for recovery developed by Resultados Digitais in partnership with Endeavor Brasil and Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios.

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Traditional Marketing and Sales methods are no longer enough

By then, companies were already closing their first quarter with their planning underway, their growth and retention strategies already proven in place, funds already allocated, and commercial areas focusing on sales. Other companies were already accelerating their growth with natively digital strategies such as Inbound Marketing, even though, in some cases, it was not the main source of acquisition.

In a short time, channels and strategies are no longer working:

  • Campaigns in current channels with a focus on sales are not performing well or generating the expected demand.
  • The traffic from the websites of the companies is falling for most industry segments, except media, pharmaceutical, finance, food and health, and funds were cut or relocated.
  • Salespeople unable to leave their homes and unable to carry out prospecting visits as usual, even facing difficulties in contacting prospects, as many of them dealt via the company’s own telephone.
  • Canceled face-to-face events and it is not known when they can be rescheduled.

Customers’ priorities have also changed, and there is a general insecurity in decision making, which makes them less willing to buy. With the longer sales cycle, people need more time to better choose where to invest and what to cut and make sure it’s worth the investment.

The market will never be the same, and neither will the way to acquire customers.

The world was already moving to digital. Now falling behind is no longer an option

Contexts like the one we live in require a great degree of adaptation and quick reaction, because every week we live in a new scenario.

We see companies from industry segments that did not operate with online strategies already adapting to the new scenario:

  • Education institutions providing online classes and courses;
  • Self-employed professionals offering distance consulting services;
  • Physical stores exploring their social channels and transforming their business model into online shopping.

Even companies in more mature digital segments, such as software, are shifting their focus to relationships and generating content about productivity and home office.

To get through this moment, it’s time to reinvent your strategy

Companies that already use Digital Marketing strategies to relate and sell, such as Inbound Marketing, are ahead in this scenario.

These companies, even if they need to revise their strategy to adapt to the moment and expand this customer acquisition front, are already able to carry out more quickly the tactics that are crucial to continue generating demand in the short and long term, in addition to recovering more easily after the crisis and return to a growth stage.

Also, Inbound Marketing is 62% cheaper than conventional marketing, which is crucial at this point.

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Main challenges and why Inbound Marketing is right for the moment

Several doubts and risks permeate the minds of entrepreneurs and marketers right now. Below are some of the ones that we have heard the most during this period. Soon, in this text, Blue World City will talk about how an inbound strategy can be a path to many of these business pains, such as these:

  • What actions can I do to keep selling in this difficult time so that my company doesn’t go bankrupt?
  • How do I retain my customers? How do I position myself?
  • My paid media traffic and conversion is dropping every day, what do I do to improve?
  • What kind of actions or content can I do if my business is essentially physical?
  • There was a cut in the budget, where should I invest what I have? Should I follow up with sales campaigns?
  • How do I prove that marketing actions are generating results so that there are no cuts?

These are questions and challenges that any business could have throughout its existence, but the external scenario today is very different from the usual. In addition to maintaining the business, the challenge is to adapt and act quickly with new strategies that have never been done before and that help the company to relate and sell.

What if Digital Marketing Strategies Could Help Your Business? Now, let’s talk about how the Inbound Marketing strategy is a way to overcome this critical scenario.

How Inbound Marketing Works

The fundamentals of Inbound Marketing are totally linked to the strategy that companies must adopt at this time: attract the attention of the right people, find among them who will buy your product right now, attract more people like these and prepare them for purchase through relationship and short and medium term sales actions. In addition to measuring the exact return on shares.

But how is it possible to do this? In case you don’t know the basics of Inbound, here’s a quick summary of how the logic works:

  • Generating quality content  that attracts and informs is a priority right now, in different online formats (webinars, eBooks, courses, etc.) to attract and reach a wider audience;
  • Conquer your visitor’s contact  so that you can continue relating to him without spending on paid media, and reducing your acquisition cost ;
  • Continue relating by email  with relevant content and offers, prepare for purchase;
  • Understanding who is more likely to close in order  to transfer the right people to the Sales team and increase efficiency;
  • Analyze performance to understand and focus on what is working and prove the return of actions carried out by Marketing for the company.

Now that you know the fundamentals of Inbound, let’s talk about how Inbound solves those challenges and risks we talked about above. To help illustrate, we’ve separated some examples of actions that our clients are already taking to overcome the moment, with the help of our expert consultants, and that you can also do:

1. How to sell more today

Since people aren’t buying so quickly, your job will be to identify who actually wants to buy now.

First, this means working better on converting your pages (Lending Pages and sites), focusing on offers and messages relevant to the moment, both to gain more contacts, as well as to convert and reheat those that are already in your base. Knowing which different companies, segments or individuals are more likely to buy now, you can even create different versions for priority audiences, resulting in higher page conversion.

A second opportunity is to use Segmentation Leads and simple automation to create offers and marketing campaigns for each type of contact and thus creates more opportunities for sales.

That was the case of RadioSparx, which created a new offer to be able to sell now. The company, which creates personalized radios for street retailers and gyms, turned its gaze to the digital and created the podcast production service.

The podcast has been, in recent weeks, one of the most sought after entertainment formats by the general public. Since retail and gyms are closed and its traditional service is not being sought, the company has ensured a way to convert more current and new customers, generating cash flow and selling today its new product fully adequate for the quarantine period.

For other types of businesses that cannot offer their full experience at the moment, another great option to generate sales quickly is advance purchase strategies such as vouchers and gift certificates, which ensure that the company can generate minimal engagement and cash flow. Even in the midst of the crisis.

Finally, you need to identify the signs of someone who is more likely to buy now, so you know how to deal with them. For example, this person in your base visited the offer page and did not convert or visit your website’s pricing page.

You can use Lead Tracking and Lead Scoring to recognize these signals and send that person as a Lead to the Sales team, all automatically. You can also designate certain segments or types of companies that you want to send to the Sales team faster than others.

For example, here at RD, knowing that some segments have a more latent need for a Marketing Automation tool, we increased their score within our qualification process.

When we identify that the Lead belongs to this group and has given a sign of purchase intention (such as visiting the price page, for example), it is forwarded to the Sales team or to a more specific offer, such as the diagnosis that we talked about above.

2. Relevantly relate to sell more in the coming weeks

In addition to thinking about actions needed today, you need to understand how to generate demand for the coming weeks and months. Some people are not 100% ready to buy now, so you need to think of an experience to prepare that person for the purchase.

Speaking of relationships, we know that targeted emails convert 40% more than generic emails, but custom automation flows convert 4x more.

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that does just that: it helps your company communicate with more personalized flows and experiences that convert more. With the use of Leads segmentation in Automation, you consider information such as actions already taken and information given by the Lead to cross-reference and understand at what point in the journey he is, and move on to Sales when ready.

So you bring the right message to the right person at the right time and in an automated way. The result is more Leads ready to buy in a month and your company recovering more easily after the crisis.

A good example of how to work with relationships and automation is the strategy created by Star to sell its monthly travel subscription plans. They started the strategy by creating content focused on the pain of the personas and created the first automation flows with specific targeting to have a more personalized communication.

Qualified Leads arrived with a history of interactions for the seller, who was able to take a more direct approach. With that, they were able to shorten the sales cycle in the following months and have an even more expressive growth.

3. Communicate more and better with those who are already your customers

At this point, take the opportunity to create or maintain a closer relationship with those who have already purchased from your company. You already have contact with these people, so tell them how you are managing your business right now, how they can purchase your products and what they should expect from you, stressing how important they are to you.

The Email Marketing and Marketing Automation help create a customized and scalable customer relationship. For this, it is very important to understand the current context, their concerns and anxieties in order to have an aligned communication.

In addition to relating to the current customer base, you can, for example, take sales actions – such as researching which product or service your customer purchased in the last purchase, and offering a related product or special repurchase condition.

Gramado Parks performed a good relationship strategy. As they work with long-term goals (property sales), their communication strategy is based on keeping the client active on the base during the period of low demand. The company does this through accurate targeting and rich content that generates value, to understand the interest of each Lead and identify contacts that are an opportunity for sales.

4. Prove the results generated by Marketing

In times of crisis, Marketing is usually one of the most impacted areas. That’s why it’s very important that you be able to prove the value of marketing to the company and measure the results of your actions to know what is actually working.

In addition to proving the results, it is important to understand what works in each period, time of year or even in a crisis. With the Analytics features, you understand which channels, actions and campaigns are bringing more expressive results today, invest more in these channels and increase your results in the next month and so on.

This is the case of Embracon, which through the Analysis functionality managed to understand how profitable Digital Marketing campaigns are being and ensure greater control over the company’s sales cycle

After all that, our final tip

It’s simple: don’t despair! The situation demands attention, but there are possible paths and our experience with more than 18,000 customers says that yes, it is possible to overcome crises by reinventing yourself. And Inbound Marketing is one of those paths. We are together!

If you want to know how your company can take advantage of Inbound Marketing and RD Station Marketing to have a strategy to overcome the crisis, schedule a free meeting with one of our consultants. So, you take this moment to implement these and other practical examples of Digital Marketing. 😉


The impact of Covid-19 brings the conviction that seeking a new way of doing business and growing is a matter of survival for companies. Do you want to understand how Digital Marketing is the way to face this challenging moment? We were already experiencing a change in how companies operate their businesses due to digitization. With the…